Kodi Krypton (v17)

Kodi-Krypton-v17If you are looking for a one-stop all media gallery and you want all of it to be available in a sophisticated manner, Kodi is the right app for you. Kodi is a platform where all Music, videos and picture files can be culminated and accessed whenever necessary. The media can be present over your own local storage or can be available online. Kodi Krypton is the latest version of this software developed by the Team Kodi community.

How to download Kodi Krypton v17

    1. Download Kodi Krypton using our link.
    2. Choose the download option suitable for your Operating System.
    3. After you choose the option, proceed to download
    4. Wait till the download is completed and proceed to install on your device.
    5. After the installation is complete you can start using Kodi straightaway.

Features of Kodi Krypton v17

  1. Estuary and Estouchy: New skins to improve the interface and make it look cleaner.
  2. With the old version of Kodi, it was hard to navigate around the settings page. The Kodi v17 has an Improved Settings Page that does a better job in organizing the content settings.
  3. Updating the Add-on Manager is way better and simpler thanks to the improved User Interface.
  4. Various functions of PVR has been changed such as recording timers and switching channels with the apps new and better PVR.
  5. Updates were always made to the Music Library but version 17 does a commendable job in adding features like mood-based music to take your comfort to the next level.
  6. New Video Player is almost the same as the previous changes but some small changes have been in making it a lot more responsive and faster.
  7. Not a lot of people know about Krypton’s new default Web Interface-Chorus2. This needs to be enabled to be accessible and has a good interface.
  8. The Estouchy skin has significantly improved the accessibility of Kodi Android. Other than that a lot of audio formats have been added to the new Update for the Android app.
  9. The v17 is available on the Windows store for Windows 10 users. This version is identical to the one available on the official site of Kodi but has added features such as automatic updates.

Kodi is an open source platform inviting independent developers all over the world to add to its features and create a better version of the app. Due to this reason, a majority of add-ons that are not available other platforms are available over Kodi.

The interface of Kodi was originally designed to fit a 10-inch screen of a Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC), but with the introduction of v17, there is a major change in Kodi’s interface for good.

Altogether the Kodi V17 is a very good update over the old regular Kodi version and has fixed majority of the interface issues. You should now be able to use it over your device effortlessly.

Update: Kodi Leia (v18) has been released.

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