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Kodi-VPNKodi is a software that can be used to access an unlimited amount of media available to use in a sophisticated manner. There are a lot of people around the world who have cut the cord and stayed away from paying their cable bills just because of streaming devices such as Kodi. Using a Kodi VPN- meaning a VPN that is compatible to run with Kodi grants you access to entertainment from around the world.

It is a revolutionary product as it is but this relatively new technology is already in the news for all lousy reasonsKodi is a controversial software, no doubts about that. There are many countries which banned the use of Kodi owing to piracy and online data theft.

Why should you use Kodi VPN?

Your local Internet Service Provider can monitor all your internet traffic. They will know what sites you are browsing and what all things you download. A VPN will encrypt all your browsing data and makes it invisible to your ISP and they wouldn’t be able to track your activity. Some ISPs sent warnings to people who have been caught accessing pirated content so, it is crucial to secure your browsing using a quality VPN.

Also, you will be able to visit sites anonymously, meaning -the website you are visiting won’t even know you are there. There is an ocean of media content available out there but most of these fantastic contents are blocked geographically. These shows and videos are available only to the local servers. Using Kodi VPN you will b able to access these files.

This also means that you could get early access to new content that is generally released first in the originating country. These are enough reasons for you to get a VPN while you are using Kodi as your media center.

How to install a Kodi VPN?

It is pretty simple to run Kodi through a VPN. Initially, you register on your favorite VPN and download the VPN app on all of your primary devices that runs Kodi. That is it. A right VPN service provider will support most of the Operating Systems and run the traffic through dedicated servers that keep your activity safe.

After you have downloaded the app on the primary devices just launch the app and proceed to connect to your VPN. Some add-ons provide VPN service along with them but most of the time this feature doesn’t work correctly so it is recommended that you invest in a good and secure VPN service provider.

You can choose to run the VPN along with Kodi or turn it on after launching Kodi, either way, all of your traffic will go through the VPN and you will stay safe.

Best VPNs For Kodi

There are a lot of reasonably priced VPN service providers in the market and a lot of free ones. We don’t recommend you to go for free VPNs as they sometimes are not as reliable as their paid counterparts. We have included all of the top VPN providers trusted and used by thousands of consumers globally.

1. ExpressVPN

The ExpressVPN supports Kodi and works well with a 256-bit AES encryption and DNS/IPv6 leak production technology. It grants you restricted content with the help of servers present in more than 90 countries around the world. Setting up and using this VPN is also very easy. The streaming on this VPN is also seen to be the fastest and allows you unlimited downloads.

2. NordVPN 

This VPN service provider has servers in more than 65 countries and will allow you unlimited streaming with good speed. The subscription is also the most reasonable and a lot of users are happy with this product. 6 different devices can simultaneously run using the NordVPN.

3. IPVanishVPN

You will be able to access all of the Kodi add-ons without any trouble using the IPVanish VPN. This Vpn is known to be ultra fast and it also allows you to stream unlimitedly. This VPN is one of the most reliable VPNs out there, the official site promises you to return all of your money in 7 days if it didn’t work.

Our Verdict

If you use Kodi as a streaming device you need to have a VPN service provider that runs Kodi for you. It is like locking your car or locking your house when you go out. It is as essential to keeping your streaming devices safe as they might have essential passwords linked to it and hacker could make of use of that.

You should know that Kodi has an open source account and Kodi community members make the never-ending list of Add-ons created to run along with Kodi. These add-ons might contain malicious and dangerous codes that could ruin your system or may even land you in trouble. For all these reasons and more it is more critical now than ever to have a Kodi VPN.

You might hear about a lot of internet theft happening around the world, e-mails being hacked and Netflix accounts being compromised and sold over the dark web. Hence it becomes crucial for you to take that extra bit of precaution and keep your data safe. is it that too much to ask for?

Now, Kodi is also available on Mac, Nintendo Wii, Ubuntu and many more.

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