10 Best Kodi AddOn

10-best-kodi-addonsKodi can be transformed into a dynamite of entertainment by the use of Kodi add-on options. These add-ons are available by default over the Kodi platform and also available to be installed using third-party developers. Add-ons enhance the overall entertainment experience. These add-ons are also added with every new updated version of Kodi.

These add-ons cover almost every aspect of entertainment ranging from sports, movies, serials, news, educational videos and everything you can think of. You can even choose to create your own add-on using the Kodi add-on framework.

Top 10 Kodi Add-On

Here is our list of the top 10 Kodi add-ons:

1. Neptune Rising

This Kodi add-on is our favorite. If you happen to be a fan of the legendary Exodus or Genesis add-on you will certainly like this cloned version. It is the best alternative to the Exodus with a better user interface and easy navigation to its unlimited list of movies and tv shows.

The Neptune Rising won’t make you feel heavy and is a lightweight, stable and simple add-on. We would recommend you to use a trustworthy VPN while using this add-on because this is a third-party add-on.

2. SportsDevil

The granddaddy of Sports Kodi add-on over Kodi, SportsDevil is the most preferred add-on by sports enthusiasts using Kodi. It has got something for everyone, extreme sports, gymnastics, athletics and team sports; you name it they’ve got it. Although maintained by the developments team, most repositories that contain this add-on is known to be safe.

3. Gaia

The Gaia add-on is the forked version of the Bubbles Kodi add-on, which means some developers used the original codes of Bubbles, made some changes, customized it and launched it as a new add-on- Gaia. This add-on has several features that will appeal to you. Features such as self-customization will allow you to set up the add-on to your preferred look and the integrated Kodi library adds to the sophistication.

4. Placenta

The Placenta is a forked version of Covenant Kodi add-on. Using Placenta is controversial as it sometimes lets you watch movies and shows that are relatively new or still in the theaters and that too without any subscription fees. You might want to use a VPN while using Placenta to keep yourself safe from your ISPs. The more popular alternative- Netflix can also be found on the Kodi platform.

5. Genesis Reborn

As the name suggests, Genesis Reborn is the forked version of the Genesis add-on. This add-on has one of the most convenient search options that allow you to look over plenty of movies and TV shows. Categorization of these media files is also done nicely. This add-on is available to be installed by accessing third-party repositories, so use it from only known sources.

6. Joker Sports

If you want an alternative to the SportsDevil, you can certainly opt for Joker Sports. It is an improvement over the later add-on and offers much more stabilization and fewer lags. It allows you to watch live sports events. It also allows you to connect to premium passes to watch various professional sports events.

7. cCloud TV

The cCloud TV is an IPTV Kodi add-on, meaning you can watch live TV using this add-on. It is one of the coolest live TV add-ons available over the net. This add-on allows you to connect to even live TV shows that are currently running over the air. The only downside of this add-on is that it is really a dedicated add-on and won’t allow you to watch TV shows or movies on demand. So if you happen to skip an episode you won’t be able to watch until it is aired on that particular channel again.

8. Music Box

Kodi can a lot more than let you watch movies or live TV shows, it can also be used to play music. The Music Box add-on is all about music and nothing else. One can find all sorts of music ranging from all the genres on the Music Box. It is a must-have add-on for all those who want to listen to music and want to access it in a well-organized manner.

9. SkyNet

SkyNet is our favorite all-in-one Kodi add-on and it has been the most sought-after add-n by longtime Kodi users. It brings content including videos, music and live events and such stuff from various reputable sources. This is also a third-party add-on and you will have to take the usual security steps if you choose to install this add-on to your system.

10. TubiTV

This particular add-on is made for the kids. The TubiTv has a plenty of TV shows and movies related to kids that would keep your children busy for hours at length. Also, the video list is updated regularly to include new shows. If you are using a VPN along with this Kodi add-on you will be able to access geographically restricted animated Kids shows too. All in all, it is our favorite add-on for a kid.

Add-on reliability

The Kodi add-ons mentioned in the above list are mostly available from third-party repositories and will come along with a factor of risk if you choose to run them on your Kodi system. It is recommended that you do ample research for yourselves and then comes to the conclusion of whether you need to include these add-ons or not.

It is better to have 10 quality add-ons than 100 different variants of the same add-on. We suggest you go through the list again to see if they work for you or not. Also, remember to add a suitable VPN to make your browsing secure. When it comes to VPN it is known that most of the free VPN will have some kind of a loophole. It is always advised to invest in a good quality-paid VPN service provider.

Do write and tell us your experience after using these add-ons. Let us know if you face any difficulty, in downloading or whatsoever problems, we will try to solve your problems and write back to you as soon as we can. Plex is a Kodi alternative that you might want to look into which has a more diverse but duplicated range of extensions and add-ons available.

This is a dedicated article about the top 10 add-ons that any Kodi user must have installed on to their system. When you search for the possible add-ons over the internet, you will find out that there are hundreds of them. The truth is that no one needs a 100 add-ons, only the best ones which cover everything that you want to watch.

Also supported: Leia and Krypton.

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